Lead DevOps Engineer

Corista develops software platforms for pathologists, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Founded in 2005, the company’s software integrates large digital pathology images (500MB to 5GB) with patient metadata, providing an integrated view of each patient’s case, pathology images, history, and case data.

Corista’s managers have extensive experience in medical imaging, image compression, cloud technology, and pathology. Our solutions bring expert pathologists closer to patients wherever they are located. Corista combines healthcare expertise with an innovative technology to improve both efficiency and outcomes for patients.

The platform is a browser-based application utilizing JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Java and Python. The company is extending its quality practices and improving documentation and test methodologies as part of this effort. We are looking to hire a versatile computer science graduate with an interest in quality assurance and automated test development, someone inquisitive, who enjoys problem-solving.


A successful candidate will have experience with leading and being a technical contributor to a DevOps team, responsible for deploying, monitoring and maintaining production, publicly accessible web applications. This should include some knowledge of public cloud networking and infrastructure, an understanding of security and infrastructure hardening, and tools for monitoring, maintaining and deploying to those infrastructures. The person should be security-focused, and be knowledgeable about fault tolerance, high availability and clustering, both in an enterprise data center environment and in the cloud.


  • Working closely with the software engineering team to deploy and operate software and services in a distributed environment
  • Work with a mix of AWS, Azure, on-premise virtualized & bare-metal infrastructure, as well as virtualized hardware in customer data centers, in both production and test
  • Automate and streamline operations and processes, with a constant eye to security and system availability
  • Build new tools, utilize/extend existing tools and make recommendations for products/services we can incorporate into our automated deployment and monitoring
  • Maintain and improve our CI/CD pipeline
  • Design, develop, and maintain our deployment and operations code base
  • Troubleshoot, root cause, and solve issues that arise on all the infrastructure we maintain
  • Improve monitoring and alerting so we know about issues before our customers/users do
  • Manage and mentor members of the DevOps team
  • Provide visibility into the DevOps priorities and efforts, and provide strategic planning for continuous improvement of process
  • Ensure that the DevOps documents customer configurations, architectures and deployments in support of our QMS system


Candidates must have the following experience:

  • Ability to work in an open source tech environment
  • Experience with cloud and/or virtualization technologies, security, networking and infrastructure
  • Experience with Docker, AWS CLI, IAM, ECR, ECS, EC2, S3/EBS/EFS, Security Groups, VPC's, RDS/Aurora
  • Deep expertise in Kubernetes
  • Good grasp with one or more of security concepts, e.g. PCI, SOC, HIPAA, HITRUST, etc.
  • Experience with Linux administration - CentOS, Red Hat, bash, shell scripting, NGINX, Tomcat, Passenger, rsyslog, etc.
  • Experience with application and infrastructure monitoring tools, like DataDog, Elastic APM, Kibana,
  • Be familiar with some and ready to learn the rest -- config files, log files, tuning, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Familiar with Ruby
  • Experience with Postgres (including clustering), Redis
  • Experience with high availability / fault tolerant deployments
  • Ability to build and maintain tools for deployment and monitoring
  • Strong problem solving capabilities and exhibits string Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Math, or similar
Candidates should also be:
  • Experienced with (and willing to participate in) Agile teams
  • Experienced in small company environments where team members must sometimes extend beyond their traditional job description (start-up environment)
  • Able to express and communicate thoughts and ideas (both written and verbally) to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Able to design, communicate, implement and test new features, components and functionality
  • Analytical, organized, detail-oriented and self-directed
  • Able to work well alone or within a small team
  • Comfortable talking to, demonstrating and deploying to customers
  • An excellent problem solver and have the ability to architect a solution based on general requirements and discussions
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, team-oriented, startup environment


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