Full Stack Engineer

Corista develops software platforms for pathologists, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Founded in 2005, the company’s software integrates large digital pathology images (500MG to 5GB) with patient metadata, providing an integrated view of each patient’s case, pathology images, history, and case data.

Corista has extensive experience in medical imaging, image compression, cloud technology, and pathology. Our solutions bring expert pathologists closer to patients wherever they are located. Corista combines healthcare expertise with an innovative technology to improve both efficiency and outcomes for patients.

The platform is a browser-based application utilizing React, Ruby on Rails, Java and Python. The company is ISO-13485 certified, and is pursuing FDA 510k certification and CE marking, so a quality and security mindset is essential.

We are looking to hire a versatile, product focused full stack software developer who’s looking to join a like minded team. The ideal candidate will have a holistic view of software development, be inquisitive, and enjoy problem-solving.

Technical Skills

Candidates must have the following experience:

  • 3+ years of commercial software development experience
  • Proficient in both object-oriented and functional design patterns Expert in Ruby on Rails and React SPAs
  • Building, integrating and extending Open Source projects and code
  • Deploying applications into existing infrastructure, including integration techniques, asynchronous message processing, RESTful design patterns, etc.
  • Typescript and its ecosystem, or other type systems
  • Experience with SQL RDBMS, preferably PostgreSQL

Ideal candidates will have additional experience with:

  • Other open source tools and libraries in the Rails and React ecosystems, such as React, Redux, Jest, NodeJS, Tailwind CSS, Pundit, Rspec and Capybara.
  • Background in the medical software segment (regulations, security requirements, protocols, …) or other segments with strong privacy regulations
  • Working with Docker images and deploying to, and experience with Kubernetes and the kubectl CLI to interact with and debug production environments
  • Experience with OpenSeadragon, or other “deep zoomable” pyramid image viewer JS packages
  • Experience with cloud and/or virtualization technologies, security, networking and infrastructure

Other Skills

Candidates must:

  • Comfortable working with a team of developers, designers, and quality assurance resources to develop new product features from concept to production
  • Design, estimate, communicate, implement and test new features, components and functionality
  • Have experienced with (and willing to participate in) development using Agile methodologies, preferably using a Github / Pull-request model
  • Be able to express and communicate thoughts and ideas (both written and verbally) to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Experience in fast-paced, small company environments where team members must sometimes extend beyond their traditional job description (start-up environment)
  • Be analytical, organized, detail-oriented and self-directed
  • Be able to work well alone or within a small team
  • Be comfortable talking to, demonstrating and deploying to customers
  • Be able to extrapolate and architect a solution from high level requirements when given sufficient guidance by stakeholders and managers
  • Be familiar with standard professional software development processes including working from requirements and standards documents, task estimation, documenting designs, source code control, unit testing

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